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Flight cancelled because of coronavirus?Check your claim now!

Your airline cancelled your flight because of the coronavirus?

Use our warninggenerator to claim compensation from the airline for the cancelled flight in accordance with the Air Passenger Rights Regulation (Regulation EC 261/2004)!
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Up to 600 € compensation despite Corona!

In case of flight delay, flight cancellation or refusal of carriage

If you have booked a particular flight and arrived at check-in on time, but the airline cancels the flight or the flight is delayed by more than three hours, this will cause considerable inconvenience for you, as you will not only be stuck at the airport, but you may not be able to arrive on time for an important business meeting or family celebration, or you may not be able to start your holiday on time.

The EU regulation on air passenger rights (No. 261/2004) provides for a so-called compensation payment for these cases, which the airline must pay you as lump sum damages. Experience has shown that the airlines do not implement this obligation or do so only very hesitantly. Without legal proceedings it is almost impossible to enforce the claims against the airline.

We help you to enforce your good right in court and can support you, no matter where you live - if successful, completely free of charge!

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Can the Coronaviurs be an extraordinary circumstance?

In the event of cancellation of a flight, the operating airline is in principle obliged to pay compensation under Article 5 (1) in conjunction with Article 7 (1) of Regulation (EC) No 261/2004. Only if the airline can provide substantiated evidence that an extraordinary circumstance existed and that this had a causal effect on the flight in question and it was not possible to prevent cancellation despite taking all reasonable measures may the air carrier be exempted from the basic obligation to pay compensation. All the conditions of the exception in Article 5 (3) of the Regulation must be met cumulatively.

The term "extraordinary circumstances" only covers circumstances that lie outside the scope of what must be expected within the normal operating activities of an airline.

If an airline decides to cancel a flight which is not operated at full capacity because of the coronavirus, this does not constitute an exceptional circumstance which exempts the airline from paying compensation.

The entrepreneurial risk regarding the load factor of the aircraft is the sole responsibility of the airline. Something else applies only if a travel warning has been issued for the respective destination country of the flight, over which the airline has no influence. In this case, the airline may invoke an exceptional circumstance.

When exists a right to compensation despite coronavirus?

If the following conditions are met, there is a right to compensation despite the coronavirus:

  • you have been informed of the cancellation between two weeks and seven days before the scheduled time of departure and you have not been offered re-routing which has enabled you to depart no more than two hours before the scheduled time of departure and to reach your final destination no more than four hours after the scheduled time of arrival, or
  • you have been informed of the cancellation less than seven days before the scheduled time of departure and you have not received an offer of re-routing that has enabled you to depart no more than one hour before the scheduled time of departure and to reach your final destination no more than two hours after the scheduled time of arrival; and

In addition, there must have been no exceptional circumstance for the cancellation. Such circumstances may be:

  • Strike
  • Bird strike
  • Bad weather conditions, as a result of which all air traffic will be restricted
  • passenger illness
  • Travel warnings from public authorities

Cancellation of under-booked flights for commercial reasons does not constitute an extraordinary circumstance.

Use the Warning-Generator to claim compensation

First, simply assert your claims yourself!

If your flight has been cancelled because of the coronavirus, we suggest that you first write to the airline yourself and set them a deadline for payment. Experience has shown that airlines will in many cases refuse to respond to this letter. However, the letter is useful to prepare a lawsuit against the airline and to "put the airline in default", otherwise there is a risk that the airline will acknowledge the lawsuit and you will have to pay the costs of the lawsuit.

For your convenience, we have prepared a sample letter which you can create using our warning-generator or simply fill out using MS Word. If you have any questions about the letter, please feel free to contact us.

If you have already contacted the airline in writing and asked them to make payment within a certain period of time, a further request is not necessary.

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Have your Corona claim checked free of charge

We are happy to offer you the opportunity to check your claim for compensation against your airline free of charge.

If your flight has also been cancelled because of the coronavirus, we will gladly assert your claim for compensation against the airline on your behalf. Please contact us using the form below, by phone or by email to info@diekmann-rechtsanwaelte.de.

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