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Competent advice inCosmetics Law

Do you have any questions regarding cosmetic law?

We will be pleased to advise you on all questions concerning the development, marketability, delimitation, manufacture, labelling, advertising and distribution of cosmetic products!
  • Product development
  • Examination of marketability
  • Differentiation from other products
  • Production and contract manufacturing
  • Delimitation of responsibility
  • Examination of advertising statements
  • Import and export
  • Safety assessment and monitoring
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Do you have questions about cosmetics law?

We are pleased to assist!

Dr. Fabienne Diekmann

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Of course you can also reach us by phone at +49 (40) 33443690.

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Cosmetics law

Cosmetic products are subject to extensive legal frameworks and regular changes in terms of their composition, manufacture, labelling, advertising, sale and monitoring. This is partly due to consumer safety. In addition, there are often issues regarding the differentiation of the product from, for example, medicinal products, due to confusion about composition.

We can support you in

  • developing a cosmetic product - from the raw material to the cosmetic product itself,
  • assessing the marketability of the composition,
  • differentiating your product from other products, such as medicines or biocides (e.g. compliance with pharmacological limit values),
  • manufacturing, including definition of responsibility (contracts),
  • product designation,
  • labelling cosmetic products and their components (e.g. fragrances),
  • reviewing advertising and permissible claims,
  • designing contracts with sales partners and channels,
  • creating safety assessments for all cosmetic products,
  • creating product documentation and product dossiers,
  • reviewing the permissibility of product information going beyond basic use and
  • reviewing possible extended product information.

Testing and monitoring EU compliance of cosmetic products

Testing and monitoring of ingredients in cosmetics with regard to possible application restrictions and bans within the EU.

  • Ensure EU compliance of INCIs
  • Prevent product recalls through consistent monitoring
  • Ideal solution for manufacturers, marketers and distributors
  • Simple, fast and cost-efficient

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