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We are happy to advise you in all questions concerning the advertising of medicinal products, medical devices, treatments, procedures and all other remedies!
  • Review of online advertising
  • Inspection of catalogue advertising
  • Bonuses / Discounts
  • price advertising
  • sweepstakes
  • remote treatments
  • mandatory information
  • Warning / Legal proceedings

Do you have questions about german drug advertising law?

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Drugs Advertising Law

Unlike normal consumer goods, medicines and other medicinal products are not harmless products. Whether it be in the prescription or over-the-counter sector, contra-indications, reciprocal effects, side effects or incorrect dosage can lead to health risks. Advertising that essentially aims at encouraging use of a certain product may be at odds with these risks. Medicinal product advertising law is intended to protect the consumer from impermissible advertising. We will support you in this complex matter and help you to bring your interests and goals into harmony with provisions under medicinal product advertising law.

Our role includes the following:


  • Delimitation of product and company advertising
  • Obligatory informationInformation on bans
  • Advertising in the package insert and labelling
  • Inspection of all kinds of advertising
  • Donations, give-aways and other promotional gifts as well as permissible exceptions
  • Discounts
  • Advice in the creation of advertising campaigns for pharmacies and doctors' practices
  • Explanation of obligatory information in medicine advertising
  • Reviewing the legality of clinic advertising