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Competent advice inCopyright Law

Do you need assistance with a copyright matter?

We are happy to help you with the control of your copyrights, the drafting of contracts, as well as with warnings and court proceedings!
  • Test of protection capability
  • Advice on design protection
  • Drafting of contracts
  • Help with warnings
  • Assistance in court proceedings
  • Representation at collecting societies
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Do you have questions about copyright law?

We are pleased to assist!

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If you have any questions regarding copyright law, please contact us by email at


Of course you can also reach us by phone at +49 (40) 33443690.

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Copyright Law

Copyright often forms the starting point for immaterial value creation. It gives its holder exclusivity rights and, alongside works such as music, language (computer programs!), literature and the visual arts, for example, protects creative outputs that, as such, do not feature sufficient individual form, e.g. those of a practising artist or a producer of sound-carrying media (known as ancillary copyrights).

Those involved are often faced with the question as to whether their service is protected by copyright or as to what legal forms are appropriate so that the corresponding work results can be effectively valued and protected against misuse by third parties. Further information.

We advise and represent photographers, actors, models, advertising agencies, authors, freelance artists, software developers and musicians (further information on music law), among others, in all areas of copyright and related legal areas, such as legal protection of image and privacy.   

Our consulting service is aimed at implementing your personal, artistic and economic interests in the best way possible, with court help if required. Below you will find a selection of our activities:

  • Evaluation of the eligibility of your creative work results for protection under copyright law, e.g. review of advertising concepts and campaigns
  • Consultation in the field of design protection
  • Review and drafting of Abmahnungen (written warnings), e.g. in the field of illegal file sharing or use of external photos
  • Review and implementation of cease-and-desist letters with penalty clauses
  • Application for injunctions as well as defence through caveats
  • Review and assertion of any claims for information, claims for compensation for damages and entitlement to injunctive relief
  • Assertion of claims for remuneration
  • Review and drafting of licence contracts
  • Review and drafting of advertising agency contracts and model releases
  • Consulting for companies and freelance software developers: review and design of software manufacturing, maintenance and licence contracts
  • Representation of authors and those entitled to ancillary copyrights vis-à-vis collecting societies such as GEMA, GVL and VG Wort
  • Consultation in music law: e.g. review and negotiation of artist, writer, management and guest performance contracts