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You want to register, protect or defend a trademark or other property right?

We are happy to assist you throughout the EU with the registration, monitoring and defence of your trademarks and other distinctive signs!
  • Examination and registration at a fixed price!
  • Monitoring of trademarks etc.
  • Trademark law proceedings
  • Drafting of contracts
  • Extensions
  • Sale and transfer
  • Warnings
  • Lawsuits
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Trademark Law

Classic understanding of trade marks and other commercial designations has changed. Trade marks and other commercial designations have long moved away from their classic function of simply identifying the good or service of a company or the company itself, and are now one of the key factors in a company's image building. The advertising value associated with well-known trade marks and commercial designations as well as the marketing effort involved in developing and establishing new product designations, logos or company names contribute considerably to the success of a product and therefore the company itself.

We aim to protect your economic interests in your trade mark or commercial designation in the best way possible. And our activity is not just limited to Germany. We will be happy to take care of:

  • examining your product name, logo or trade name’s eligibility for protection and registration,
  • drafting goods and services directories,
  • doing research into any older trade mark rights and other property rights of third parties that pose conflict,
  • registering your product designations, logos and company names with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) as well as the Word Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO),
  • monitoring your trade mark as regards newer trade marks of third parties that are identical or have potential for confusion,
  • making applications to the DPMA, EUIPO or WIPO regarding extension of your trade mark or amendment of the goods and services directory,
  • implementing objection, complaint and withdrawal procedures with the DPMA and EUIPO,
  • issuing Abmahnungen (written warnings) regarding out-of-court implementation of your injunctive relief and claims for information or compensation for damages against violating parties,
  • implementing injunctive relief and claims for information and compensation for damages within the framework of in-court disputes,
  • designing licence contracts,
  • selling or otherwise transferring your trade mark rights or rights to your trade names.