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Competent advice inBiocide law

Do you have legal questions in connection with biocides?

We would be pleased to advise you on all questions concerning the delimitation, marketability, labelling, authorisation, production, advertising and distribution of biocides.
  • Product delimitation
  • Marketability
  • Labeling
  • Production and contract manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Publicity
  • Warning notice
  • Lawsuits
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Do you have questions about biocide law?

We are pleased to assist!

Dr. Fabienne Diekmann

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Moritz Diekmann

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If you have any questions regarding biocide law, please contact us by email at


Of course you can also reach us by phone at +49 (40) 33443690.

All fields of actiity

Biocide Law

One of our main fields of activity is biocide law. The public perception of biocides is very tense.

The idea of consumer protection in particular leads to a high density of regulations in biocide law with which the distribution and use of biocides are to be regulated. This has consequences for manufacturers, importers, traders and users of biocides. So that you can position yourself optimally and adapt to the strongly changing market, we offer you well-founded legal advice covering all trade levels. This is not limited to the application of the applicable law, but tries to influence the development of the law.

Our range of services includes advice and representation in the following areas:

Corporate law

  • company orientation
  • choice of location
  • Negotiation of supply and sales contracts

Labelling and composition

  • Classification and testing of labelling of biocides

Competition law

  • Representation vis-à-vis competitors (in and out of court), in particular with regard to the marketability of and advertising for biocides
  • Avoidance of competition law disputes

Trademark and patent law

  • Defense and enforcement of trademark claims
  • Representation in patent proceedings

Administrative law

  • Representation vis-à-vis the competent authorities (judicial and extrajudicial)
  • Authorisations of biocides
  • Certificates of marketability

Legislative process

  • Representation of interests vis-à-vis the European decision-making bodies
  • Representation of interests vis-à-vis national legislators
  • Impact on the legislative process